Social Ran Online

At The Seven Generation

Welcome to Social Ran Online Server Rate..9000xHigh Gold 9000xHigh Exp 9000xHigh Drop, Direct Connection Server, we are 24/7 online and very cheap donations so what are you waiting for join now.....


•Fully Dedicated Server
•Voting System
•24/7 Online
•Up to 197 Free Skills for All Class
•Fast Download Client
•New Weapons
•New Armors
•New Hover/Bikes/Motors
•No Need To Get Quest To Reach Max Reborn
•No Wipeout
•MaxRB 200
•Max Level 400
•MaxStats 35,000K
•Unique Pet System
•One Mob,One Level (on campus)
•Balance Game Play
•Daily Club War 7pm - 8pm (PH TIME)
•Friendly Community
•Fully Pet System
•Very Cheap Donation
•Free Items available in NPC and Item Shop
•Game Time 2 Points System