Please follow our Chat Box Rules.

1. Don't fight in our chat box.
2. Don't swear in our chat box.
3. Don't advertise any other server.
4. Don't SPAM - Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages.
5. Please RESPECT each other.

1st Offense: Warning.
2nd Offense: Banned for 30mins.
3rd Offense: Automatic BANNED.

Old School Ran Chatbox Official Rules.


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Post by -`cRiMiNaL`- on Tue Jan 10, 2012 6:58 pm


[1] Cannot request any items from [ GM ]/staff.
[2] Cannot request for any special demand such as stat points/box or up level..
[3] Cannot curse, I'll manner or being rude to server or GM.
[4] Cannot attempt to cheat or scam donation item.
[5] Do not fight involving race,religion,politics and country.
[6] Do not argue over race,religion,politics and country.
[7] Prohibited from making any disturbances to the database and server.
[8] Cannot spam chat.
[9] Cannot cheat or scam other player.
[10] Cannot make interference /threat/abuse through forum/email or GM telephone.
[11] Unauthorized advertisement is not allowed.
[12] Prohibited from making name char characterized by pornographic, racism or abuse.
[13] Do not involve GM, admin and Staff in any fighting case in game.
[14] OLD SCHOOL Ran is not responsible if happened real life fight.
[15] OLD SCHOOL Ran team will not be responsible if any fraud occurs during the trading process between players.
[16] Prohibited to keep GOLD that exceeds 2B in locker.
(OLD SCHOOL Ran suggests no players keep GOLD exceeding 2B in the locker)

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